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Marine Harvest / New Hatchery

The Norwegian company Marine Harvest, the world's leading salmon breeder, has entrusted Krüger Kaldnes, a Veolia subsidiary, with the design and construction of three wastewater recycling facilities that will be among the largest and most modern of their kind.

As an operator of highly sensitive facilities constantly seeking tools to optimize its operations and streamline its costs, Marine Harvest, the world's leading salmon breeder, remains faithful to the expertise of Veolia Water Technologies. This is the third time that the Norwegian company has chosen Krüger Kaldnes; the Veolia Water Technologies subsidiary has already delivered two wastewater recycling facilities, in 2010 and 2011, for the hatchery in Dravlaus.

The new contract covers three new recycling plants, designed specifically for aquaculture (RAS or recirculating aquaculture systems), which will be installed at the Steinsvik site in 2013 and 2014. The new hatchery will have an annual production of about 5.3 million young salmon, or smolts, using 250 to 500 liters of water per kilogram of fish bred.

The total capacity of the three plants will reach around 17,000 cubic meters per hour. The facilities will be designed to treat both freshwater and seawater, and to recycle and reuse up to 99% of the water used at the hatchery. The facilities will benefit from the proprietary AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor) technology along with Hydrotech filters and several other processes designed by Veolia Water for CO2 removal, pH adjustment and instrumentation.

The site will also rely on a SCADA infrastructure supervision and control system. These state-ofthe-art technologies will increase the fish-farming yield, in particular by reducing smolt mortality, and mitigate the environmental impacts.


Heidi Kyvik
Sales Director Aquaculture
tel: +47 9742 1808