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Industrial Case Studies

Marine Harvest / Dalsfjord

Marine Harvest in Norway has awarded Krüger Kaldnes the contract for construction of a new recycling facility at the hatchery on Dravlaus in Dalsfjord.

. Capacity over 5 Millions smolts/year
. Total water volume 4250 m3
. Contract total value 2,7 Millions euros
. Complete process design and delivery by Krüger Kaldnes  

Marine Filters

The recycling plant will be built for the nursery and pre-ongrowing part of the plant and thus completes the recycling facility provided by Krüger Kaldnes in 2010 which was created for the ongrowing part of the fishfarm.

The total capacity for the two recycling plants is equivalent to a feeding of more than 5000 kg per day and an annual production of about 5 million smolts. The project includes a turnkey treatment plant where the main process is based on the patented Kaldnes™ MBBR biofilm process. The treatment process also includes Hydrotech drumfilters, CO2-removal, instrumentation, pumping equipment, PLC board and a fully operational control system.

"We are very pleased that the Marine Harvest again chose Krüger Kaldnes as a supplier for the construction of its recycling facilities. They are the world's largest breeder of salmon and will build a number of new recycling plants in the future. In cooperation with Marine Harvest, we have developed a completely new and innovative way to process recycling water that is environmentally friendly, energy efficient and extremely compact. The concept will have a major impact for our investment in the fish farming market in Norway and internationally", says Marius Hægh, Sales Manager, Fish Farms / M.Sc.