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IBERDROLA CSC Kuraymat - Egypt

Veolia has been awarded a contract to produce clarified water for cooling towers and boilers for the 25MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) facility.

Project Background

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End Client : NREA (New and Renewable Energy Authority) - Application: Clarified water production for cooling towers and boilers - Date of impleme...

Kuraymat, Egypt – The NREA (New and Renewable Energy Authority), is a national focal point for expanding efforts to introduce and develop renewable energy technologies in Egypt. Its main objective is to grow the solar energy generation sector as part of their strategy of diversifying electric power production.


The Client’s Needs

Iberdrola Engineering ,a subsidiary of Iberdrola, S.A., has been commissioned by the Egyptian government through the NREA to build the world's first ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle) facility, which combines solar energy with a combined cycle gas plant.

The plant is designed to work during the night as a conventional natural gas combined cycle plant while during the day it will run in a normal cycle with added solar energy. The facility provides more than 2,400 kWh of solar irradiation per square meter per year and has the capacity to supply power to around 200,000 people while at the same time saving the emission of around 16,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year.

Veolia has been awarded a contract to produce clarified water for cooling towers and boilers for the 25MW CSP facility.


Project & Technology Solutions

  • Water supply: water from the Nile River
  • Process ACTIFLO™ clarification, including chambers of coagulation, flocculation - decantation and maturation
  • Treatment capacity: 330 m³/h - Contribution to cooling towers: 315 m³/h

Treatment line
  • Filtration + Mixed bed ion exchange
  • Production capacity: 12 m³/h demin water
  • Features: Treated water conductivity < 0.1 MS/cm
  • Silica treated water: 10 μg/l (ppb), Conversion rate: 90%
Drinking Water Production
  • Treatment description: clarification + active carbon filtration + disinfection with sodium hypochlorite
  • Production capacity: 0.3 m³/h
Effluent treatment

Neutralization system and blending of the Nile river discharges