Global Water Summit 2018

GWI 2018
The Global Water Summit 2018 will take place in Paris from 16-17 April.

If you are attending this event do come and see us there.  In particular, we invite you to  meet and discuss with experts at the Digital Strategy Roundtable session, to be held on 16th April, 14.00 - 15.30.

Aude Giard
Aude Giard, Chief Digital Officer at Veolia Water Technologies, our foremost expert on utility and industrial technology, will be hosting a roundtable and she will be delighted to discuss digital strategy with you.
Aude is leading the development of the new AQUAVISTA Digital solutions & services based on IoT, advanced analytics and Veolia water treatment know-how. These Digital services enable VWT customers to sustainably improve their operations, facilitate their access to water expertise and help them to be more compliant with reinforced industry and country environmental regulation.

The real-world impacts and leading-edge developments of digital and smart technologies and their worldwide future prospects will be discussed during these roundtables.



ABF ovaltine  effluent treatment plant, Thailand

ABF Award

Veolia Water Technologies was distinguished for the Industrial Water project of the year category.

With this new facility to treat the effluent from Associated British Foods’ (ABF) Ovaltine manufacturing plant near Bangkok, Thailand. The plant has a peak capacity of 1,200m3 /d.

Veolia completed the turnkey project on behalf of owner ABF Thailand. The giant French provided the initial design, and undertook the civil, electric and mechanical contracting by itself. The plant show- cases Veolia’s suite of in-house technologies, and incorporates a Biothane UASB anaerobic treatment step, an MBBR system from Anox Kaldnes, and a Hydrotech drum filter.

With only a limited land envelope available, Veolia’s compact solution allowed ABF to avoid relocating its production facility, saving vital capex and potential disruption to the production of one of Thailand’s favourite nutritional drinks. The tight plot required a bespoke design which involves a configuration of state-of-the-art technologies that is unique in the Thai food processing industry.

ABF Ovaltine 2

Significant fluctuations in the organic loads entering the plant’s wastewater stream required a flexible approach in order to reduce COD from 11,500 mg/L right down to 120 mg/L, rendering it suitable for discharge to the environment. The project also marks the first time an MBBR train has been used in an industrial wastewater treatment plant in Thailand.

The onsite generation of biogas partially offsets the need for natural gas to power the plant, reducing the opex cost to the client, and giving rise to valuable tax breaks on the grounds of sustainability.

The French-sourced treatment equipment resulted in further exemptions on import duty, demonstrating the inherent value of buying in the best technology available in the market today.