Drinking water treatment

drinking water treatment
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Veolia is a world leader in drinking water treatment

Veolia is a leader in delivering drinking water treatment that respond to the diverse needs of towns and cities. As a water engineering specialist, we have extensive experience in designing, building and managing construction projects for municipalities, with over 160 years in the business.

Clients that have placed their confidence in our industry-leading drinking water treatment include the cities of Antananarivo, Beijing, Bucharest, Calgary, Indianapolis, Kuala Lumpur, Libreville, Lima, London, Luanda, Madrid, Montréal, Niamey, Oslo, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris...

We improve the performance and safety of drinking water treatment facilities by using first-in-class technologies and water disinfection additives, by treating bacteria and micro-organisms and by removing pesticides, arsenic, heavy metals and other hazardous substances. We are experts in ensuring correct water disinfection treatment and management of surface and ground water.
Our commitment to ensuring safe, dependable and affordable drinking water is backed by decades of hands-on experience at hundreds of water treatment facilities around the world and cutting-edge research capabilities.
To ensure water supply quality and safety, we offer an array of treatment solutions including:
  • Clarification and purification
  • Softening and hardness treatment
  • Specific treatments (removal of arsenic, uranium, nitrates, endocrine disruptors, Total Organic Carbon, etc.)
  • Disinfection
  • Desalination
  • Sludge treatment
  • ​Standardized systems
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Mobile Water Treatment

More about our drinking water expertise

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Watch this video to learn how Veolia produces and distributes high quality drinking water.
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Municipal Standard Solutions - Water treatment solutions for public authorities.
Press Release
Veolia, through subsidiaries OTV and SADE, has been awarded the contract to design and build an iron removal water treatment plant for Senegal’s water utility, Société Nationale des Eaux du Sénégal (SONES).



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