Chemicals for boiler water treatment

HydrexⓇ 1000 Series, specifically formulated for low, medium and high pressure boilers.
open loop and closed loop system hydrex


Quality boiler feedwater is key for an optimum performance of your assets. It helps  prevent scaling, deposits, corrosion and carryover which can damage the inside of your boilers while maximizing the condensate return efficiency. Hydrex 1000 Series of chemical products were specifically formulated to suit all water needs related to your boiler operation.




Efficient, safe and reliable boiler water treatment

Corrosion, scaling and fouling will severely reduce the efficiency of boiler operations and compromise the associated performance of all the systems connected to the water and steam circuits. When these conditions impede heat transfer in the boilers, operational costs quickly grow from increased fuel usage for the same production rates. Even small, thin layers of deposition incur increased costs and damage

Good site monitoring should detect the increased inefficiencies to react with corrective actions. 

To prevent the risks, Veolia’s Hydrex chemical solutions offer specific boiler water treatment programs leveraging the Hydrex 1000 Series. A market-approved range of high-performance chemicals, it includes:

  •  Low, medium and high pressure boiler chemicals for internal treatment programs.
  • Oxygen scavengers for feedwater treatment.
  • Scaling and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Dispersants designed to condition sludge for easier removal.
  • Neutralizing amines for boiler feedwater treatment to­ raise the condensate pH and protect the return line.
  • Antifoam agents.
  • Steamline chemicals.
Steamline chemicals

Features and benefits

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Optimization and restoration of boiler integrity and operating efficiency.   

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Preventive solutions for constant feedwater quality. 


Safe and cost-effective operation. 


Market-approved chemistries to be coupled with equipment, comprehensive expertise, monitoring and digital services for complete treatment programs.


Focus on energy, chemical and water savings.   


Condensate recovery

Water pretreatment