Sundsfjord Smolt AS

Krüger Kaldnes has recently signed an agreement with Sundsfjord Smolt for the delivery of a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) for reuse and quality management of process water for land based fish farming - Kaldnes™ - RAS.

The company with its head office in Sandsfjord, Norway, does not hide the fact that the aquaculture industry is an important priority area. 

Sundsfjord Smolt

  • Capacity 2,5 to 3 Millions smolts/year
  • Total water volume 3000 m3
  • Contract total value 5,2 Millions euros
  • Complete process design and delivery by Krüger Kaldnes
"This is yet another proof that more and more fish farmers pay an interest in our eminent solutions", says a satisfied Marius Hægh, sales manager in the aquaculture-department of Krüger Kaldnes. He continues:

"Our RAS-solution is founded on the well-established AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR combined with Hydrotech drumfilters. These versatile technologies are well proven within this market and provide great benefits to our clients".

Along with key knowledge about the industry Krüger Kaldnes is well positioned for further growth for delivering water treatment systems to the aquaculture market.

Flexibility and compactness characterizes the new facility for salmon smolt production. The new treatment facility will be placed in existing buildings, scheduled to be operational in May 2012. 

Compact design

Smallest footprint on the market
Veolia Water Technologies 100% integrated solution (Hydrotech, MBBR, KK degasing unit)
Water treatment loop without piping

Low energy

Gravity as main driving force
Low head pumps
Heat recovering process

Monitoring and control

Water quality controlled in line
Veolia Water Technologies SCADA system
Remote supervision and Hotline