Sirion™ Mini for manufacturer of renewable energy equipment


| The client’s needs

A manufacturer of equipment for renewable energy wanted to acquire 3 identical demineralised water production units necessary for testing a "new generation" electrolyser. This test is planned on 3 industrial sites in France where the manufacturer is already present to provide various energy facilities management services. If the tests prove conclusive, many other sites should subsequently be equipped.

| The solution

Supply of three identical, scalable demineralised water production units, each positioned in a 20-foot container. Each installation is composed of standard equipment including a SIRION osmosis unit from the MINI range and a mixed resin cylinder from the AQUADEM White range.

| Process description

  • Pre-treatment and polishing fully pre-assembled electrically and hydraulically and tested in a container. General electrical cabinet also positioned in the air-conditioned container.
  • Tank placed directly on the floor of the container.
  • SIRION MINI RO Osmosis machine with its own chassis.
  • 3 cylinders of AQUADEM resin placed on the floor of the container.

| The result

Low energy consumption due to the use of mixed resin cylinders and scalability.

"Decarbonising industry by developing a French hydrogen production and use sector is one of the priorities of the national energy strategy. Electrolysis requires ultra-pure water. This is the expertise that Veolia Water STI brings to this emerging sector." Jean-Claude CELANI, Head of Process Water Activity at Veolia Water STI

Veolia Water Technologies - SOLYS
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tel. +(33) 0 1 45 11 55 55

| The client

This industrial project is the result of a unique public-private partnership model. It aims at the development and industrial deployment of a new high-performance electrolyser technology, developed by the CEA (Centre d'Etudes Nucléaire), for the production of low-carbon hydrogen.

Key Features

Low energy diaphragms to reduce the power consumption of the high pressure pump.

  • Optimisation of the space/flow ratio: space saving.
  • Fine pre-filtration integrated in the unit
  • Programmable user interface, simple operation, continuous monitoring of conductivity and temperature.

Key Figures

  • > 350 l/h scalable production rate
  • 300 l storage capacity
  • Resistivity ≥ 18
  • Commissioning: early 2023