Biobed® EGSB Plant for Large Portuguese Brewery

The Client

The biggest beer producer in Portugal located in Leça do Balio, close to the city Oporto in Portugal, operates a beer and softdrinks production facility. Because of the limited amount of space on the brewery's site, anaerobic treatment is a good solution for treatment of the wastewater. The present anaerobic Biobed® EGSB reactor can treat up to 19.800 kg of COD and 12.600 kg of BOD per day, in a reactor with a surface area of only 113m3.


Raw Wastewater Characteristics

(before pre-treatment)

System Features
Flow 6.000 m3/d Pre-treatment  
COD Load 19.800 kg/d 2 buffer tanks

1.230 m3

1230 m3

TSS 1.000 mg/l    
TKN 80 mg/l Conditioning Tank 56 m3
PO4 20 mg/l    
pH-value 6 - 13 Biobed® EGSB 1.320 m3
Temperature 23 - 35°C Post-treatment Existing


Treatment Process

Wastewater arriving from the brewery is passing screens and a tilted plate seperator (TPS) for grains and kieselguhr removal. After pre-treatment, the wastewater is collected in buffer tanks. The wastewater is thus fed to the conditioning tank and the anaerobic Biobed® EGSB reactor, in which a large part of the COD is converted into biogas. 

The wastewater is post-treated in an aerobic sequencing batch reactor, to remove residual BOD, COD and nutrients. With a final effluent concentration of TCOD < 150 ppm, the wastewater is discharged to Leça river.



Since its start-up in summer 2007, the Biobed® EGSB reactor removes on average 80% of TCOD from the wastewater.


Process Flow Diagram