Do you know if your site is compliant?

Updated food, drink and milk BREF: What manufacturers need to know

With the latest guidance published on controlling the impact of pollution and discharges from food, drink and milk manufacturing sites, businesses must now ensure that their plants are fully compliant. This includes both the process water and wastewater of your site.

The newly released BREF for the FDM sector builds on and updates the original document from 2006. Now that the updated guidance has been released, manufacturers have until December 2023 to ensure their operations are compliant.

How can we help you?

We provide a 360-degree analysis of the water cycle of your plants

At Veolia Water Technologies (VWT) , we have vast experience in the  Food Drink and Milk industry having partnered with companies such as Danone, Nestlé or Arla Foods to meet  their water supply and water treatment challenges.  

We can offer you our global water audit methodology, consisting of an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of the water cycle to help identify areas of non-compliance and where improvements can be made. 

Nutri-Pack solution ensures business continuity

We have a complete portfolio of solutions to support FDM customers in daily operations. Knowing that compliance and risk mitigation are key challenges, we have just released Nutri-Pack, an effluent polishing solution that guarantees business continuity of your plants. 

Nutri-Pack reduces the nutrients of your wastewater by:

  • 90% reduction of phosphorus
  • 95% reduction of suspended solids 

Watch our webinar in English which took place in December 2021

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