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Boiler Feed Water Demineralizer - Germany

Boiler Feed Water Demineralizer: 40% Cost-Saving
Commissioning date: 2017 - Reliable demineralization of boiler feed water to < 0,1 µS/cm and SiO2 < 20 ppb - Automated operation - Approx....

Project Background

The customer is an energy provider with power plants in Germany.


The Client’s Needs

A nuclear power plant which is currently being dismantled required a new water treatment plant to deliver the water quality and quantity needed for further operation of an auxiliary boiler. The customer invited tenders for a membrane based demineralization system. The boiler feed water should have a conductivity of < 0.1 µS/cm and silica content was specified at SiO2 < 20 ppb.


Project & Technology Solutions

 In collaboration with the customer, Veolia Water Technologies ran an analysis of treatment processes and their costs in order to find the optimum solution. Aside from the membrane technology specified in the tender, Veolia assessed boiler water treatment using a Rapide Strata system. The comparison showed that this ion exchange plant could reduce investment costs as well as specific operating costs by approximately 40%.   The system enables boiler feed water demineralization in an automated operation and fulfills the tender specifications without further treatment steps. Downstream mixed bed ion exchange polishers have been added nonetheless upon customer request in order to ensure water quality at all times.