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AQUAVISTA for smarter water solutions

Aquavista smarter water solutions

AQUAVISTATM is the name of Veolia Water Technologies’ platform of digital services, which allows municipalities and industrials to smarter manage their water treatment systems.
Securely stored in the Cloud, AQUAVISTATM is accessible Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device through a single private portal. All features are available in real-time, providing a full data dashboard overview. This allows our customers to efficiently manage their facilities and water treatment equipment while generating maximum value from their assets and processes.
AQUAVISTATM can be implemented for a single technology, a range of equipment, standard products, existing or new complete industrial or municipal water or wastewater treatment plants.

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AQUAVISTATM  Digital Suite

Aquavista new vision
  • Single point of entry for customers
  • Remote access & monitoring of equipment
  • Dashboard featuring key operational information, allowing for better decision making
  • with benchmark analysis and KPI monitoring
  • Access to network of VWT process and commissioning engineers delivering real-time advice to customers
  • A holistic digital solution composed of a suite of intelligent software solutions for real-time optimization of process performance

The added value of AQUAVISTATM    

Aquavista security
Thanks to AQUAVISTATM , you know what is going in your installation in real time, you are able to make proper operating decisions – right decision at the right time - in order to optimize energy efficiency, consumption of chemicals, sludge, etc.
AQUAVISTATM transforms data into business decisions and guides better your operating decision to be more compliant with regulation, maximize the uptime of your assets.

AQUAVISTA™, the all-in-one water digital service

Aquavista all in one
Fully flexible, the AQUAVISTA™ digital solutions can be implemented for a single technology, a range of equipment, standard products, existing or new industrial or municipal water treatment plants for all applications: drinking, waste and process water.

Customer statement

“We are very satisfied with the new Veolia Performance Monitoring service. This really is a high value service which helps us to reduce operational cost and improve the reliability of our water treatment plant. Veolia's digitalization strategy is the right step to differentiate its services further from competition!”

Hydrocarbon Processing

AQUAVISTA™ has been recognized as the Best Digitalization Technology of the year by Hydrocarbon Processing magazine.

Our suite of digital solutions, AQUAVISTA™, uses the "internet of things," advanced analytics and our water treatment expertise to deliver high-value services to our customers by:
  • Enabling remote monitoring and control of water treatment systems with access anywhere, any time, on any device in a secure way
  • Ensuring compliance with proactive alarm systems and predictive maintenance tools
  • Delivering optimized performance continuously
  • Creating cost savings through more effective operations 
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AQUAVISTA™  Offers Smarter Water Solutions


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