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Industrial Case Studies

Alstom / Redbank Power – Australia

As part of The Redbank Water Treatment Plant, designed by Veolia Water Technologies, draws raw water from the Hunter Valley River for use throughout the power station facility, particularly as cooling tower make-up.

Project Background

Delta key figures
Raw water treatment plant for industrial process water -160,000 m3/day

Hunter Valley, New South Wales – Redbank Power Station is located in the Hunter Valley, NSW. The Power Station is a baseload150 MW near Singleton. It is operated by Redbank Power.


The Client’s Needs

 The plant uses the following major treatment systems:
  • Raw water treatment
  • High purity and Demin water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sludge processing plant
  • Other systems include a sewage treatment plant, service water unit, Reverse Osmosis and CIP, chemical dosing, and neutralisation system
Raw Water Treatment:
  • Lime Soda Softening and Gravity Filtration softens and filters up to 490m3/hr of raw water, while 25% duty gravity filters remove suspended solids from the softened water using graded anthracite, silica sand, and garnet media.
High Purity and Demin Water Production:
  • Reverse Osmosis produces 56m3/hr of low salinity water. This permeate is polished by mixed bed units, producing 25m3/hr of demineralised water for use within the power station.
Wastewater Treatment:
  • Lime Soda softening, filtration and RO treats cooling tower blowdown, as well as RO and demin plant waste
  • 2 x 50% multimedia pressure filters remove suspended solids from the wastewater
  • RO pre-treatment is similar to the raw water treatment
  • Chemical dosing with sodium bisulphate and antiscalant, followed by cartridge filtration (5-10μm) produces low solids feedwater

Project & Technology Solutions

Sludge Processing Plant:
  • Dilute sludge from the raw water and wastewater plants is concentrated to 3% by a sludge thickener.
  • A filter press concentrates thickener sludge to 40% to reduce the amount of waste exiting the site.
Chemical Dosing Systems:
  • Sodium hypochlorite is dosed to prevent algae in the raw water during clarification.
  • Sodium Bisulphite is dosed prior to Reverse Osmosis, to eliminate chlorine.
  • Antiscalant is dosed to prevent fouling and scale precipitation on the RO membranes.


​Process Description

Alstom Redbank process description


Influent Quality – River Water
  • Flow rate: 465 m3/hr
  • Turbidity: 150 NTU
  • Silica: 23.8 mg/L
  • Conductivity: 1601 μS/cm
  • Suspended Solids: 15 mg/L
Effluent Quality – High Purity Water
  • Flow rate: 30 m3/hr
  • TDS: 150 mg/L
Effluent Quality – Demin Water
  • Flow rate: 22.8 m3/hr
  • TDS: 0.05 mg/L
  • Silica: 0.02 mg/L