Reverse Osmosis Systems


    The SIRION™ system is a reverse osmosis technology developed by Veolia Water Technologies. SIRION serves several purposes: the production of pure water, seawater desalination and efficient water re-use applications.


    Our SIRION™ water treatment reverse osmosis systems

    SIRION™: State-of-the-art water treatment technology

    The reverse osmosis process used by our SIRION™ units uses membranes to remove over 95% of dissolved salts – such as calcium bicarbonate and sodium chloride from feed water. This system can also be used in combination with other water treatment processes. For example, conventional pre-treatment followed by pressure filters or ultrafiltration upstream in order to reduce the total amount of suspended solids (TSS) or ion exchange or electrodeionisation in order to reduce further the total amount of dissolved solids in water (TDS). Reverse osmosis system uses high-performing membranes, these elements act as an extremely fine filter. This water treatment process is therefore very attractive for industrial applications such as soft drinks and pharmaceuticals. Discover the benefits of our SIRION™ range

    All SIRION™ models are equipped with reverse osmosis membranes.

    • An economically profitable and ecological solution. The reverse osmosis with low energy membranes result in lower operating pressure and cost savings. 
    • Frequency controlled variable speed pump (VFD) can save up to 50% on electrical power compared to conventional systems.
    • SIRION reverse osmosis system produce high purity water, removing up to 98% of dissolved inorganics and over 99% of large dissolved organics, colloids and particles.
    • Skid-mounted, standardized systems; short lead times, quick installation and start-up.
    • The installation time for our compact reverse osmosis units is extremely low. Our SIRION™ models enjoy fast commissioning under optimal operating conditions.

    The characteristics of our SIRION™ units

    Our water treatment units in the SIRION™ range are manufactured with the best materials and in compliance with all the quality standards required when producing process water. These systems can be installed quickly thanks to their compact skid design and have the following features:

    • Treatment of brackish water or seawater;
    • Production flowrates from 10 l/h to 132 m3/h;
    • A complete range, from basic to high-end;
    • A modular system, easy to integrate into existing factories;
    • Many options for optimum flexibility depending on your facilities;
    • Complete management of the water cycle.

    Our offers meet the highest quality requirements in terms of reliability, water treatment and safety. We guarantee:

    • The performance of the system;
    • Environmental standards compliance;
    • A positive cost-effectiveness ratio in the long term.

    Rinsing and chemical cleaning station can be added as option in our solution which eliminates salt deposits, and prevents scale formation to maintain system performance

    Our wide range of SIRION™ systems encompasses:

    • A treated water volume from 25 to 890 m3/day;
    • Feed water containing up to 36,000 ppm (TDS);
    • Complete PLC control with touch screen interface;
    • Control of raw water pump and 8” membranes;
    • A high pressure pump with a standard variable frequency drive;
    • An energy recovery unit, energy savings of 35-55%.

    This is what the range covers, and for which specific applications:

    • Mini™: process water, boiler feed, laboratory, agri-food, automotive industry;
    • Midi™, Maxi™: process water, production of pure water for medical sector;
    • Mega™, Mega™ (HF): boiler feed, process water, wastewater, cooling water;
    • Seawater™: process water, agricultural irrigation, potable water.

    SIRION™ Seawater

    The SIRION™ Seawater rinsing and chemical cleaning system includes the cleaning in place process (CIP). It provides a complete package which avoids all risks of membrane contamination and the incrustation of minerals and organic matter, and biological matter and colloidal particles.

    What are the applications of the SIRION™ range?

    Our water treatment processes in the SIRION™ range can meet a wide range of needs. Our systems include the ability to produce various types of process water. Our reverse osmosis water technology has a wide range of applications in the field of process water production, and the system is perfectly suited to agricultural irrigation and recreational areas such as a golf course.

    SIRION™ is equipped with an energy recovery device. In fact, the entire Veolia Water Technologies range recycles energy consumed during filtration processes. This greatly reduces operating costs. It also speeds up the water desalination process. The energy consumed by Sirion enables energy savings.


    Our range of SIRION™ water treatment systems provides a range of possibilities for our customers. It’s possible to produce potable water and process water at a reduced cost. Compared to conventional systems, it operates continuously and has high reliability rates as well as low cost and low maintenance.


    Related services for a global water treatment solution

    The VEOLIA local after-sale service and support teams offer preventive and corrective maintenance programs to ensure the long-term, optimal operation of your reverse osmosis water treatment plant: audit, maintenance, consumables & spares, emergency repairs, refurbishment, training, etc.



    VEOLIA offers a complete range of high quality reverse osmosis membranes to improve water purification processes.Our worldwide network ensures our customers a quick delivery of consumables.

    Depending on your application, we offer different reverse osmosis membranes from 2.5", 4" up to 8".


    • VWSRO-XTLE Extra Low Energy Elements
    • VWSRO-LERA: Low Energy Regular Area Elements
    • VWSRO-SRHA: Standard Rejection High Area Elements
    • VWSRO-HRRA: High Rejection Regular Area Elements


    VWSRO Membranes Range

    • VWSRO-XTLE-2521
    • VWSRO-XTLE-4021
    • VWSRO-XTLE-4040
    • VWSRO-LERA-4040
    • VWSRO-LERA-8040
    • VWSRO-SRHA-8040
    • VWSRO-HRRA-4040
    • VWSRO-HRRA-8040


    Preventive, Curative and Conservation Chemical Treatment

    Hydrex®, water treatment additives, provides a broad range of chemical solutions that can be pro-actively applied to the feed-water. to reduce and neutralize the impact of contaminants on the membranes :


    • Reduction of off-line periods for cleaning
    • Production cycle increase
    • Decrease of extra-power costs engaged to pump water into fouled membrane
    • Membrane life increase
    • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs.

    Hydrex® product range is covering most of practical field situations and is also offering dedicated solutions to efficiently restore the membranes recovery and the installation integrity, through CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) or off-line cleanings.

    VEOLIA portfolio for Hydrex® chemicals contains also the needed products for membranes safe storage conditions.

    Emergency rental, planned temporary hire, long-term contracts

    The VEOLIA for mobile water solutions, offer a complete range of solutions and services meeting short or long term purified water needs, for commissioning or shut down supplies, water quality changes, seasonal capacity uplift, etc.


    • Large fleet of trailers and containers
    • Full assistance and availability
    • High flow rates capacity solutions
    • Continuous production
    • PreAct preventive service