Advanced recirculating aquaculture system (RAS)

Reduced footprint – reduced costs. 

The RAS2020™ 1,200 ton grow-out module is extremely compact with a total footprint of only 3,340 m². The compact design allows for production of the same volume of fish requiring only half the footprint compared to that of other conventional RAS designs on the market.


​The RAS2020  is a unique grow-out solution offered by Krüger, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies. It is a flexible, module-based recirculating aquaculture system with optimized process logistic, low operating costs and reduced footprint. The fish are farmed in a controlled environment based on state-of-the-art recirculation technology ensuring stability of the water parameters to optimize growth, reduce feed conversion ratio (FCR) and improve survival. 

RAS2020 has brought in optimal flexibility in RAS systems resulting in minimum handling and moving of the fish.

The RAS2020 module makes it possible to produce fish in almost any location and it requires relatively little intake water, thereby reducing the volume of discharge. The circular flow of water in the tank, together with the movable grids, is a unique design that results in great flexibility with regard to species and production logistics. The tanks are separated by grids through which water can flow allowing the optimal water speed to be maintained with respect to fish size in the two tank loops.

The RAS2020 is based on well-tested Veolia components such as Hydrotech™ drum filters, AnoxKaldnes® moving bed bio-reactor (MBBR), degasser, and control system. The adjustable water velocity in the two round circular tanks secures optimal fish conditions in the entire water column. It is generated by flowmakers which secure an exchange of water in each tank section in less than one minute. The velocity of water is adjusted to size and species, which gives optimal fish welfare and results in high quality of meat. 
Due to the existing expertise in Veolia, the discharge from the RAS2020 modules can be cleaned to comply with any environmental standards. The wastewater treatment system can be designed to reduce the discharge of nitrogen, phosphate, suspended solids, COD and BOD to meet any environmental restriction. In areas with limited water resources the volume of intake water can be reduced by reuse of discharge water. The RAS2020 is delivered with a performance guarantee of specified threshold levels of key water parameters to secure optimal fish welfare at maximum production.  


Features and benefits

  • No underground piping – less associated risks.
  • Reduced footprint – up to 50 %.
  • Prefabricated standard concrete modules for cost effective construction.
  • Up to 99.5 % recirculation of water.
  • Reduced operating costs for manpower.
  • Reduced energy consumption.




Package based system:

  • Training.
  • Operation.
  • Maintenance support.