POLARIS, packaged distillation equipment.

POLARIS is Veolia's family of distillation products for the production of water for injection and highly purified water.


Vapour Compression Distiller - For the ultimate in energy efficient distillation technology

POLARIS VCD vapour compression stills are the ultimate in high efficiency distillation, with high compression ratio's and ultra low droplet separation.

It is ideal for low steam pressure & softened feedwater applications.


Features and Benefits

Quantity and quality for water:

  • Standard units available between 50-15.000 l/hr.
  • High decontamination efficiency.
  • 3 stage NCG removal (feedwater, condenser & degassing tank).
  • Low velocity solution for optimizing impurity separation.
  • Dry running FDA approved compressor seal.


Opex - Cost of ownership:

  • Low steam consumption.
  • High efficiency, low power consumption, multistage blowers.
  • High thermal efficiency.
  • NCG used for pre heating.


Flexibility and Choice:

  • Hot & cold water production (25-95°C).
  • Low pressure steam supply (3barg).
  • Integrated pre treatment, dosing & RO.
  • Steam production through integrated steam generator.
  • Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC, with large touch screen panel complete with SCADA option.
  • Pressurized water discharge.