POLARIS, packaged distillation equipment.

POLARIS is Veolia's family of distillation products for the production of water for injection and highly purified water.


Clean Steam Generator  - cGMP Clean Steam on demand

POLARIS CSG sets the standard for high capacity, high purity clean steam applications.



  • Up to 6 barg Clean steam for autoclave steam supply
  • SIP (Sterilization in place), Bio reactors, make up vessels.
  • Sterile facility HVAC humidification.
  • Lyophilizer sanitization.


Quantity and quality of steam:

  • Standard units available between 50 - 10,000 kg/hr.
  • Rapid response steam production.
  • Low velocity, droplet free steam production via internal labyrinths.
  • Integrated thermal degasser for non condensable. gases removal, in compliance with HTM 2010, 2031 & EN285 compliance.


Flexibility and Choice:

  • Vertical and horizontal (Kettler) steam generators.
  • Additional condenser units for small scale,
  • Simultaneous steam & WFI production - Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC, with large touchscreen panel & SCADA option.
  • Electric or steam heated units
  • Integrated pre treatment, RO's, CEDI's & - UF for custom build packages.