Idraflot Air Flotation Brochure

Idraflot Brochure
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CENTRA® Centralized Laboratory Water Systems

MEDICA® Water Purification Systems For Clinical Diagnostics

PURELAB® Lab Water Purification Solutions

Biobed® DUO High Rate Anaerobic EGSB Process For Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Water Solutions for the Aquaculture Industry

Biobed® Advanced EGSB & Biothane Advanced UASB Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

POMETHANE® Wastewater Treatment Solutions for the Palm Oil Industry

Hydrotech Discfilter Filtration With Small Footprint

Multiflo® Enhanced Clarification And Lamella Settling

Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies for the Food and Beverage Industry

Sustainable Water Management for the Power Industry

ANITA™Mox High Ammonia Wastewater & Effluent Treatment

Sustainable Water Management for the Microelectronics Industry

Water solutions for the Pulp & Paper industry

Water Recycling & Reuse

Water Recycling & Reuse
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Sustainable Water Management for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry

Water Solutions For Downstream Oil & Gas

Water Solutions For Upstream Oil & Gas

Memthane® Anaerobic Membrane Bio-Reactor (AnMBR)