Veolia Water Technologies to Supply First Floating Wastewater Plant in South East Asia

Novel Application Tackles Land Scarcity Concerns in Singapore

Veolia Water Technologies is proud to be the first water solutions provider to install a wastewater treatment plant upon a floating platform in South East Asia. Based in Singapore, the project will see Veolia designing and implementing an integrated solution to treat lead and brackish water before it is safely disposed-of into the sea. The customised plant will incorporate proprietary Veolia technologies such as the Actiflo® Turbo clarifier, Discfilters, and HydrexTM coagulation and flocculation chemicals.

"This contract reaffirms Veolia's position as one of the leading providers in the water solutions industry," Aaron Seah, Regional Market Manager at Veolia, shared. "With 900 Actiflo® references worldwide successfully installed and operated over 20 years were one of the reasons why Veolia was selected for the project."

Veolia's solution stood out amongst others for further key reasons. The biggest benefit that the client derived from this project was the ability to obtain the full suite of required technologies from a single, experienced global provider like Veolia. This not only helped to keep project management time and costs to a minimum, it also allowed for a smoother implementation process as the client simply interfaced with Veolia for the entire plant.

Another dramatic key benefit was the small footprint of the Actiflo® system. Due to limited land area and an expanding population, Singapore is increasingly facing land scarcity challenges; so even for a floating platform, space efficiency is a priority. Compared to other available options, Veolia's solution will occupy the smallest area on a floating platform, and therefore will enable the client to achieve minimum construction costs and maximum cost-savings. With this floating wastewater treatment plant, Veolia is able to offer a win-win solution by providing crucial wastewater technology while addressing land scarcity concerns.

Veolia's Actiflo® solution is especially compatible for the treatment of lead and brackish water as it consistently produces sludge even under varying water conditions. Able to handle a flow rate of up to 17,000 cubic metres per day, Actiflo® incorporates microsand (ActisandTM) in the clarification process as it acts as a stabiliser, by dampening the effects of sudden variations in water conditions. With Veolia's solution, this new application in Singapore will see an improvement in the quality of waste that is released into surrounding waters, and enable the marine life in the area to continue thriving.

Seah added, "With this floating application, Veolia hopes to be the benchmark for new innovative solutions, especially where land constraint is a factor. This project is Veolia's first wastewater floating platform in Southeast Asia, and it further demonstrates our capabilities in offering first-class water and wastewater treatment solutions for our clients. We look forward to sharing similar implementations across industries in the near future."



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