Veolia Water Technologies South-East Asia Contracted to Provide Advanced Water Solutions for Tun Razak Exchange Project in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, September 24, 2014: Veolia Water Technologies South-East Asia is proud to announce a new 20-year partnership with 1 Malaysia Development Berhad Real Estate Sdn Bhd (1MDB RE) for the prestigious Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) Project.
As Malaysia's new international finance and trading hub, the TRX Project will be designed according to the highest environmental standards, and a key focus throughout the development will be water reuse. Veolia aims to recover at least 80% of the expected 3.8 million cubic meters (m3) of sewage generated every year, for reuse purposes within the new district, consequently reducing site-wide fresh water demand by more than 50%. These targets will be met by leveraging on five of Veolia's advanced technologies. These include the Multiflo™ settler, AnoxKaldnes™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology, Hydrotech® discfilters, Alizair® deodorization treatment, and Endetec Kapta units.

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Poised to be the new world-class financial district, the TRX Project was designed with environmental sustainability in mind and will apply cutting-edge technologies, especially in energy, water, and waste management. The project has been acknowledged by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ("LEED") Gold Certification for the "Neighbourhood Development Plan" category certified by the United States of America Green Building Council ("LEED Certification"); and the first township level Green Building Index ("GBI") Platinum Certification in Malaysia by the Malaysia Green Building Index Accreditation Panel ("GBI Certification").

1MDB RE Chief Executive Officer Dato' Haji Azmar Talib said : "TRX is committed to sustainability and we are proud to undertake this with a strong, reputable partner.This is in line with efforts to better treatment practices for wastewater towards achieving Greater KL goals which the Government has outlined. This treatment plant, along with water efficiency measures, will reduce water demand on TRX by greater than 50%"

Mohammed Akhir Ahmad, Managing Director of Veolia, Malaysia, shared: "This is another milestone for Veolia as the TRX Project is an affirmation of our leading position in the water industry. There were several reasons for Veolia's appointment, and our knowledge and expertise in handling wastewater treatment projects of such scale was one of the most compelling. As we have the capabilities to provide the complete suite of wastewater technologies that are required, 1MDB will be able to interface solely with Veolia and as a result stand to achieve maximum productivity. In addition, Veolia is going a step further by dedicating a team of 30 qualified full-time staff to provide onsite support throughout the term."

The plant will be operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will offer numerous benefits to the TRX Project in terms of environmental sustainability and water reuse. Five key technologies from Veolia's plethora of advanced water solutions will be featured in the plant, which is custom designed for the TRX project to treat 13,300 m3 of wastewater every day, with peak loads of 555 m3 per hour.

The Multiflo™ settler technology is the ideal solution to produce a highly concentrated and thickened sludge required for the wastewater treatment process, and will be activated to handle different water characteristics and loads. Featuring its renowned biofilm-coated carriers, the AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR technology will also be implemented in the project to stabilize the discharge quality while removing chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and nitrogen present in the wastewater.

In addition, Veolia further enhances the treatment performance by introducing Alizair®, a biological green process that collects polluted air through an extraction system and sends it to a special deodorization unit to ensure the complete removal of unpleasant emissions, and Endetec Kapta units to provide continuous monitoring of network quality parameters.



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