Veolia Provides Zero Liquid Discharge Solution to San Miguel Corporation's Limay Power Plant in the Philippines

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has been chosen by Formosa Heavy Industries (FHI) Taiwan to provide wastewater treatment solutions to San Miguel Corporation's Limay power plant in the Philippines. The Veolia system integrates Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology with other cutting edge solutions for a complete wastewater treatment facility within the plant.

San Miguel Corporation is one of the country's premier power organizations, operating power plants and refineries in Malita and Limay, amongst many others. This engineering, procurement, and construction project follows recent successful Veolia references with FHI and MetroBank in Toledo and Panay, and establishes Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies as a reliable supplier of wastewater treatment solutions to the Philippines power market.

Carlo Patteri, Business Development Director South East Asia Industrial, said: "This contract was highly favoured by many in the industry and it reaffirms Veolia's presence in the Philippines. We are honoured to receive positive acknowledgment by established conglomerates such as FHI and San Miguel. For this project, Veolia customised the wastewater treatment solution and included technologies such as ActifloTM, and ZLD concept evaporators and crystallisers."

The Limay power plant features a total water treatment solution that includes a pretreatment process, demineralized water system, condensate polisher, wastewater treatment system, and the Veolia ZLD concept evaporator and crystallizer to treat resin regeneration wastewater.

The demineralized water system, includingpre-treatment processes of screening and solids removal, will first be performed using Actiflo technology. After the initial screening and purification processes, reverse osmosis and continuous electro-deionisation (CEDI) are utilized to further remove dissolved ions, to reach high purity water quality for boiler feed. Using the water output derived from the reverse osmosis process, CEDI is capable of producing high quality water with no delay in the ion regeneration cycle.

The Veolia ZLD concept system is also applied in this project with an objective to attain specifically low total dissolved solid (TDS) discharge. The evaporation process enables greater water recovery, directly leading to higher energy efficiencies. The crystallization step then further enhances the reduction of sludge volume and disposal cost, and together, the two-step process helps to reduce energy usage and operating costs at the plant.

Robinson Lo, Business Development Director, Taiwan, in charge of this project, shared, "For this project, we were careful in customizing Veolia solutions to cater to the user's varied needs. We assembled our best technologies, from ZLD to condensate polishing systems, to derive greater energy savings. The ZLD has given us immense confidence in our R&D capabilities and we will further expand our efforts into developing more sustainable solutions for our customers. We have enjoyed a good working relationship with FHI in the past, and we look forward to future positive working opportunities together."


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