Veolia Introduces Memthane and Announces Biothane developments in Asia

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Veolia) today revealed a new anaerobic membrane bio-reactor (AnMBR), Memthane®, to the Asian market. This innovation was developed by Biothane, a 100% Veolia subsidiary that has made significant headway in its Asian business in recent months.

Memthane® AnMBR

Memthane®, the most recent Biothane innovation, is an anaerobic digestion technology that requires a small footprint and makes possible to efficiently treat high-strength waste streams. These were previously considered economically untreatable through traditional wastewater processes. The system maximizes the removal of COD[1] and TSS[2], reducing disposal costs in the process while generating methane-rich biogas for even greater energy savings. All of these are achieved without the drawbacks inherent to energy-intensive aerobic systems.

Michel OTTEN, Technical Director, PT Biothane Asia Pacific, said, "With its ability to process high-strength effluents, Memthane® is indeed a breakthrough technology. Customers that operate distilleries, dairies, bio-ethanol production facilities and food production plants can now easily achieve exceptional effluent quality, coupled with lower operating costs."

[1]COD: Chemical on Demand

[2]TSS: Total Suspended Solids

Biothane in Asia

William SOLARY, General Manager, PT Biothane Asia Pacific, commented, "We are excited about the progress Biothane has made in Asia. Besides its achievements in the POME and pulp & paper sectors, Biothane has also been successful in industries such as food & beverage, chemicals & pharmaceuticals. With those differentiating technologies, customers will be able to enjoy significant return on their investments, while minimizing their impact on the environment."



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