Stretching Your Dollar with Flexible Water Treatment Options

In a recent report, GWI WaterData estimates that global total industrial capital expenditure is set to contract by 12.1% between 2019 and 2020, due to the impact of COVID-19 on businesses. Regardless of sector or industry, adopting measures to optimize production processes during these uncertain times can help businesses achieve improved performance capabilities and reduced operating costs, while minimizing the need for capital expenditure. One way to enhance operations cost-effectively is to adopt water treatment solutions that offer versatility in consumption — adjusted according to production needs — or ones that cater to flexible contract durations. This way, businesses can strengthen business and operational resilience through solutions that offer operational and financial flexibility.


Here are three flexible water treatment solutions that can help to optimize processes and maximize operating budgets:


#1: Mobile Water Services

Modular or containerized water treatment systems like Veolia’s Mobile Water Services can assist with temporary or longer-term water treatment needs, based on a rental or leasing basis (depending of the length of hire). Such systems can be a cost-effective and efficient alternative to fixed plants for a wide range of industrial situations. Businesses can enjoy the flexibility to hire the required solutions for a period of time to address immediate water treatment needs, especially in cases where a plant is not permanent or if there are plans to make changes to it some time later. And as these water treatment systems are on a leasing scheme, businesses will not have to worry about retrofitting or upgrading costs. 




#2: Service Deionization & Regeneration

Service deionization and regeneration offer businesses (such as those in the microelectronics industry) a worry-free experience for achieving high purity water during sensitive manufacturing processes. With this rental service, when exchangeable cylinders of media for water purification are exhausted, they will be replaced by regenerated cylinders delivered directly to the customer’s site. This way, businesses can focus on their core production processes and leave the job of ensuring a constant supply of pure water to solutions partners like Veolia. Rental of these cylinders is based on consumption levels and this allows greater flexibility for businesses to rent only what their production requires. Investment cost is significantly reduced as portables and projected maintenance costs will be borne by the service provider.




#3: Hydrex™ Controller

A smart chemical dosing and monitoring technology for cooling systems, Veolia’s Hydrex™ Controller allows for automated optimization of chemicals in the treatment process. Poorly controlled water quality can result in undue expenses in the form of equipment failure, high energy bills, and high chemical, labor, and water costs. By optimizing the levels of chemicals used and by achieving the correct chemical dosing required for treatment processes, businesses enjoy the need for less frequent maintenance sessions, benefit from maximum asset protection, and achieve bottom-line savings through reduced operating costs.