Restoring Lab Water Supply To Hospitals In Wuhan

Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine had engaged Veolia Water Technologies (VWT) for emergency support on one of their malfunctioned lab water treatment equipment on February 6, 2020. The hospital is one of the 23 hospitals designated to provide intensive treatment to COVID-19 patients in Wuhan. 

A shutdown of the water system would immobilize the laboratory and even the entire hospital. They could not afford such a disaster.

Wenpan ZHANG, a ELGA Service Engineer who has been with VWT China for 9 years, stepped forward to handle this courageous mission armed with a comprehensive safety and maintenance plan. 

“More than 80% of the major hospitals in Wuhan are Veolia's customers, hence we had to be ready for keeping our professional commitment whatever the circumstances..I assumed this risky mission with a comprehensive safety and maintenance plan in hand. I diagnosed the problem over the phone prior to the visit on site; then I prepared my visit as best as possible: I minimized my exposure by avoiding public areas and peak hours. The Veolia Safety & Quality Service gave me advice and I prepared 3 sets of protective suits to limit the risks of contamination between my home, my transportation and the hospital. We kept in touch throughout the process.”

With effective troubleshooting skills, Wenpan resolved the issue within 3.5 hours on-site. Upon completion, Wenpan immediately evacuated the site and proceeded to quarantine himself at a hotel so as to avoid posing any risk to his family members back home. Additional safety protocols were also carried out, such as regular disinfection, temperature checks, and notifying his local residential committee about his mission. 

Despite it being a lonely mission, throughout the lockdown period, Wenpan stayed on and remained on call to support several other hospitals in the area that required emergency maintenance services.

“It definitely felt great to contribute to this fight against the pandemic in my professional capacity, and I am thankful that I have remained safe and healthy.” shared Wenpan.

At Veolia, safety is deeply rooted in our culture. Throughout the mission, our colleagues from all levels remained in touch with Wenpan — to offer guidance and reminders on safety precautions, as well as to monitor his personal health status.

“I’m extremely grateful towards Wenpan and for Veolia's support during this difficult period, especially when none of our other equipment suppliers were able to meet our urgent need.” said a spokesperson of Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine.

“Zhang Wenpan’s actions not only reflect our customer-oriented professional spirit, but also exemplifies our company's social responsibility and values. We highly appreciate his dedication! We believe that as long as we coordinate our efforts and work together, we will win the fight against this virus.” Daniel Nogueira, CEO, Veolia Water Technologies China.