Chemical Industry

Chemical industry sector is highly regulated, subjecting businesses to numerous safety and environmental rules. Veolia Water Technologies provides solutions for efficient water treatments as well as help reducing overall resource needs – letting our partners focus on their core business.

From cooling tower systems and makeup water to blowdown treatment systems, we have aligned our products and services to meet the demands of your industry.

Veolia Water Technologies meets the needs of the chemical industry

Veolia Water Technologies has over one hundred years’ experience in the field of water treatment. Our 9,000 employees around the world are passionate about innovation, working for the sustainable development of their customers and the planet.

Our 350 proprietary technologies offer a large number of chemical water conditioning processes. Particularly concerned with the needs of our customers in the chemical industry, we provide the best solutions for the extremely demanding activities in this field.

As such, Veolia Water Technologies provides:

  • solutions for water treatment
  • solutions for wastewater treatment
  • tailored assistance to meet the most complex challenges


Veolia Water Technologies helps optimise quality, transfer waste to energy and provide specialised water treatments for the chemical industry

We provide cost-effective and complete water treatment systems for the chemical industry, from pretreatment through to purified water distribution. We optimise the quality and reliability of your purified water, helping you to reuse flows and bring consumption under control – as well as reduce water extracted from the natural environment. We can help decrease the amount of pollution generated by effluents and bring treatment practices in line with regulations.

Veolia Water Technologies guarantees, through world-renowned expertise, the complete control of the water cycle. Our group takes care of process water supplies, raw water treatment management, water reuse and effluent control.

Process water: High-quality water systems for production, process and manufacturing uses.

Water pretreatment: Water pretreatment solutions for all types of feed and influent water.

Industrial wastewater treatment: Technologies for safe, environmentally-compliant wastewater treatment systems and sewage treatment plant operations.

Wastewater recovery: Total water management solutions for process and wastewater recovery and reuse. 

Our technologies dedicated to the chemical industry

We help our customers fulfill many of the industry's key needs:

  • Developing pure products from natural resources
  • Recovering by-products from waste streams
  • Concentrating diluted flows
  • Reducing volumes
  • Valorisation of recyclable resources
  • Recovering chemical components to reduce costs


Process water

Sirion™ is an extensive range of reverse osmosis systems for all water applications and budgets. Our Sirion™ range is designed to produce pure water from 10 l/h to 120m3/h with a low footprint and reduced management time. They are fully automatic and offer high salt rejection by using low energy membranes. 



Actiflo® is a range of products offering a high rate and compact water clarification process. It has been exclusively developed and patented by Veolia Water Technologies. With more than 1,000 references all over the world, Actiflo® has been in use for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment for over 25 years.
Actiflo® is ideal for drinking water and is particularly efficient in treating algal bloom, phosphorus removal, and reducing taste and odour associated with algae. With its very short hydraulic residence time and quick treatment within a few minutes, Actiflo® easily handles rapid raw water load and flow fluctuations.
Clarification for high suspended solids removal is often followed by filtration. Veolia supplies a very large range of filters, from conventional media filters to Hydrotech disc and drum filters.


Veolia Water Technologies has standard tools for all industries requiring wastewater treatment units. We also offer advanced evaporation and crystallisation processes specifically for the chemical industry. The HPD® range of technologies provides our customers with efficient crystallisation and evaporation systems for more than 50 chemical compounds. These chemical elements are among the key components of many specific markets in the chemical industry.

Thanks to this control, we guarantee our customers compliance with all environmental standards affecting their sector of activity. Our expertise also promises lower costs thanks to proven circular economy methods – resulting in more and more products and by-products getting reused through integrated solutions throughout the production chain.

Our evaporators and crystallisers reduce the total amount of waste as well as recover by-products from the production process in the form of reusable raw materials. The advanced integration systems of Veolia Water Technologies optimise this reuse at very high rates.

We help customers serve many of the industry's key needs, such as:

  • Developing pure products from natural resources.
  • Recovering by-products from waste streams.
  • Concentrating diluted flows.
  • Reducing volumes and finding value in recyclable resources.
  • Recovering chemical components to reduce costs.

Our evaporators: capital in the chemical sector

Many processes in the chemical industry are supported by our HPD systems. They allow the production of organic fatty acids, phytosanitary products, and inorganic and phytosanitary products. Our products are also used for specialty chemicals such as herbicides, synthetic sweeteners, bisphenol-A and many more.

Wastewater recovery and reuse


AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor) systems are active biofilm carriers with optimal bacteria culture conditions for wastewater treatment. AnoxKaldnes™ MBBR is compact, simple to operate and very efficient for the removal of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), ammonia and nitrogen. It offers numerous benefits such as flexible reactor design, being easy to operate and control, and offering a low load on particle separation stage.

Mobile Water Services  

Our Mobile Water Services provide pure water anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With flow rates from 200 litres/hr to >150m3/hr, our Mobile Water Services are ideal for planned hire, emergency call-outs and disaster recovery. Safeguarding the production of your water treatment plant, our Mobile Water Services provide flexible water services, while reducing your wastewater discharge volume and identifying reuse opportunities.



Veolia's water treatment chemicals team’s specialist knowledge and expertise can help you significantly improve the efficiency of boilers, cooling towers, membranes and conventional water treatment equipment. Our water treatment chemical range has been specially formulated to help optimise the operation of a water treatment plant and equipment.


Veolia Water Technologies’ areas of excellence

Veolia Water Technologies has expertise in many areas of the chemical industry. Our systems meet all current standards for hydraulic loads as well as organic and inorganic loads. 

We help control :

  • Priority substances
  • Toxicity
  • Dangerous effects
  • Temperature 
  • pH levels

The salt industry

Veolia Water Technologies has systems to provide pretreatment processes – in both batch and continuous operations. Our HPD® technology finds the value in sodium chloride through advanced treatments.

We produce:

  • Chlorine salts
  • Specialised salts for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Specialised salts for the chemical industry
  • Cooking salts

Veolia: partner of the largest salt production factories

Our HPD technology is endorsed by some of the world's largest facilities for evaporation and salt production, such as the Texas Brine plant in the United States. Our contracts are based on "turnkey" logic, offer analysis and pilot testing, and go right throughout the process to include project management, design and maintenance services.

Chlorine and soda industry

Veolia Water Technologies' HPD® technologies help industry leaders meet environmental standards while achieving economic goals. Our systems are designed to:

  • Treat brine
  • Treat evaporation
  • Treat crystallisation


Fertiliser and potash production

The systems put in place by Veolia Water Technologies for crystallisation guarantee innovative solutions for our customers. Our HPD® technologies are used in installations in some of the most extreme locations, including Canada and the Dead Sea. Our processes produce a wide variety of fertilisers including ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate, to name a few. 


The caustic soda industry

Veolia Water Technologies offers unique processes to develop complete solutions for customers. Our systems:

  • Pretreat natural ores extracted by dissolution
  • Crystallise carbonate and sodium bicarbonate
  • Optimise sodium recovery

Veolia Water Technologie meets all the needs of the sector, whether for production or setting up infrastructures. Our systems meet strict effluent standards for chemical activities and we provide tailored solutions for this major industry.