Water treatment for the Aquaculture industry

Veolia Water Technologies offers the industry's leading solutions for environmentally responsible and sustainable aquaculture, responding to our clients’ priorities.

In addition to increasing production and reducing water consumption, Kaldnes® RAS, the industry's leading technology, responds to the key challenges faced by today's aquaculture industry.

Our key expertise in recirculating aquaculture systems, result in solutions that dramatically reduce the amount of water and
space required to produce seafood products.
Rising demand in the aquaculture industry has spurred development of advanced sustainable aquaculture technologies to address challenges of traditional flow-through / oxygenation systems, including water consumption, pollution and land availability. Based on the strong water treatment experience of our subsidiaries and their technologies such as  Hydrotech Drumfilters and AnoxKaldnes MBBR, we are able to provide turnkey solutions, such as recirculating aquaculture systems, for all kinds of fish species from fresh to sea water and cold to tropical water.


Experts from Veolia Water Technologies to Present at Leading Recirculating Aquaculture Conference.
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