Water Company of the Year 2016

Global Water Summit 2016

Veolia named "Water Company of the Year"

Two image GWS Company of the Yea
For the water company that made the most significant contribution to the development of the international water sector in 2015.
Global Water Summit wastewater project
Hong Kong. For the wastewater treatment plant, commissioned during 2015, that shows the greatest innovation in terms of optimising its physical or environmental footprint.
The Global Water Summit 2016 in Abu Dhabi is breaking new ground for the sustainability of water as a source of business and economic growth.


From full-blown resource consumer, "extract - use - throw away", to a new social and integrated model

Claude Laruelle veolia water technologies global water summit 2016

Claude Laruelle, Director of Global Enterprises at Veolia and Chairman of Veolia Water Technologies, will be delivering the opening speech at the 2016 Global Water Summit.  

Demand for raw materials, including water, is exploding as a result of demographic growth, rising living standards and climate change. As we are all aware, we cannot endlessly draw on the natural environment – a number of shortages are already making themselves felt and the situation will only accentuate in the coming years. The growth model based on linear consumption (extract-use-throw away) has reached its limits.

Access to water is a key factor in the growth of entire economies, cities and many different industries. Yet we cannot address water issues without looking at the global picture: water, waste and energy must be addressed jointly to optimize their management and capitalize on their immense value creation potential.


Veolia will be chairing two sessions at the Global Water Summit 2016 

Creating Value: Municipalities and Industry

Johann Clere GWS
CHAIR: Johann Clere, Global Open Innovation Director, Veolia Water Technologies

There is a growing trend for synergies between municipalities and industries, where companies can ensure long term water resilience by joining forces with municipal wastewater producers to streamline wastewater treatment, reuse and infrastructure investment.

Many cities are currently struggling with cash and industrial water users need to ensure their water supply. Bringing these two sides together generates value: for the industrial water users who need water for their operations and the municipals who need to generate value from their investment in wastewater treatment. It drives industrial growth, brings money into municipalities and makes a positive impact on the water supply.

This panel will look at the growing market between industrial companies and municipalities and the opportunities it creates for enhanced water resilience and economic success.cHow do shared value propositions and service partnerships deliver value for shareholders, the community and the environment?


New Propositions for Industrial Water Services

jean Michel Herrewyn
CHAIR: Jean-Michel Herrewyn, Veolia.

Water is a significant input for almost all industrial processes, but many businesses struggle to justify the investment of capital and specialist expertise required to manage it efficiently.

Service partnerships give access to the expertise, technologies and financing structures that allow businesses to innovate and excel in the way they use water. In this workshop session we ask what new partnership models can address industrial water management, bringing shared benefits to both client and supplier, while at the same time reducing the social and environmental footprint of corporate water usage.

It brings together major corporate water users, with some of those developing the new models that are changing the nature of corporate water management.