21 september 2015

Preserving water resources through desalination

Located in Almeria, Spain, the Campo Dalias reverse osmosis desalination plant was completed in November 2014. With a nominal production capacity in the current phase of 30 Hm3/year and a daily production rate of 97,200 m³, it is the fifth largest facility of its kind in Spain.
Designed and built by Veolia Water Technologies’ Spanish office as part of a joint venture, the Campo Dalias desalination facility is part of a national desalination program launched by the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Environment, called “Programa Agua”. This program, promoted by state owned company ACUAMED, aims to drive a water policy reorientation that takes advantage of available water resources in order to fight water shortages and drought conditions in the southeast of the country.

"Reduces water collection from aquifers to comply with Spain’s sustainability commitment"

The Campo Dalias treatment line is comprised of an open water intake from Mediterranean Sea via submarine pipe, double-stage multimedia pressure filtration and a double-pass reverse osmosis process. This first pass consists of six reverse osmosis skids equipped with an Energy Recovery System (ERS) in the form of isobaric chambers. This allows for recovery of up to 95% of the brine pressure which is then transferred to the feed in order to reduce pumping requirements. The brine of the first pass is discharged back to the sea via submarine pipe.
The second pass reverse osmosis, also comprised of six skids, is dedicated toward reducing the boron concentration in the permeate water in order to comply with irrigation requirements. The desalinated water is then post-treated through remineralization and an added final disinfection step ensures the product water reaches the delivery points in suitable conditions for both human consumption and irrigation. The product water distribution network is also part of the work scope which includes the execution of a product water pumping station, a 4.5 km pressure pipeline, an elevated storage tank and a 40 km gravity distribution network which delivers the product water to end users.
The treated water is used for both irrigation and drinking water applications, contributing to reducing water collection from aquifers thus allowing for natural regeneration and complying with the Spanish Ministry of Environment’s water sustainability commitment.
Commissioning of the plant is ongoing until October 2015 with O&M works expected to come into force in November. From then, Veolia Water Technologies will operate the Campo Dalias plant for 15 years.