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Industrial Case Studies

Bongrain, Repcelak - Hungary

Bongrain is focused on cheese and dairy specialities and is one of the world's foremost processors of milk.

Key figures

A treatment capacity of 750 m3/d
The 4th largest cheese producer in the world
77 production sites in 26 countries

Food and Beverage

The food industry is faced with wide range of demands in health, economic and environmental sectors.

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Our Client

Bongrain collects more than 3 billion litres of milk for its activities.
The Group is the 4th largest cheese producer in the world, with 77 production sites in 26 countries.

Client's Needs

The client wanted to improve the treatment efficiency of the existing industrial wastewater pre-treatment plant to maintain the effluent standard requirements.

Our Solution

Veolia Water Technologies offered a "turnkey" design & build solution in order to improve the efficiency of the existing industrial wastewater pre-treatment plant. The plant needed to be completely refurbished.

Solutions & Technologies

Veolia Water Technologies refurbished the existing industrial wastewater pre-treatment plant, to attain a treatment capacity of 750 m3/d.
The project covered both the wastewater and sludge treatment lines and consists of:

  • pre-treatment with screenings, grease removal and a buffer tank,
  • biological treatment of the wastewater,
  • sludge treatment line. 

Technical Data

Design capacity: 750 m3/d


  • Screening, bar spacing 20 mm
  • Pumping station, flow rate 100 m3/h
  • Fine screening, mesh spacing 2 mm
  • Grease and grit removal unit, structure diameter 2.5 m
  • Buffer tank, volume 480 m3

Biological treatment

  • Contact tank, 14 m3
  • Activated sludge, volume 2400 m3
  • Degassing tank, 10 m3
  • Clarifier, volume 462 m3

Sludge treatment

  • Sludge thickener, tank volume 40 m3
  • Dewatering table, capacity 4 m3/h


Wastewater characteristics

Process guarantees

COD: 3300 mg/lCOD? 53 mg/l
BOD5: 1600 mg/lBOD5? 22 mg/l
SS: 500 mg/lSS? 16 mg/l
N-NH4: 12 MG:LN-NH4? 1 mg/l
Ptotal: 28 mg/lPtotal? 9 mg/l